Our Birman Breeders

These breeders are bound to abide by the Club's Code of Ethics as well as the Ethics of the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Assoc, which the club is affiliated with.

Breeders for the current year.



Our Breeders

Pam Coyte - Minosa

Brenda Gale - Damukyan

Wendy Hamilton - Zarlee

Danielle Spearing - Birmilska

Margaret Keith - Conde

Judy Lewis (QLD) - Metinka

Barbara Patterson & Kim Franke - Kimbara

Fiona Refalo - Fionella

Deborah Young - Aveda

Derina McLaughlin - Maisondechat

Michelle Grayson - Jazmena

Jillian Miles - Nareedah

Brian & Carol Richings  (ACT) - Subria

Janet Doust - Glamara

Carol Cootes (ACT) - Bindura

Sharon Kay



Katherine Sharpe

Anne & Harvey Caddy

Anne Marie McDonnell

Sally Woodhead

Julie Burge

Margaret Chaney

Rhonda Brandt



The club relies on the feedback from the public if a problem is found with one of our members.