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The World of Cat Shows

The Birman Club is an affiliate of the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Assocition. Cat exhibitions are run thoughout the year, both in Sydney Metro areas as well as country zones. The Show Calendar is availabe on line at their web site.

To enter a show your cat must be registered, by the breeder, as a show cat. These papers are to be transferred into the new owners name and copies used as a show entry, along with an official show entry form. Not all Birmans are suitable for exhibition. In fact, very few Birmans born are! Their white feet make it very difficult to achieve show success. Read our page on the Show Standard for a detailed account of a show Birmans attributes.

Each year, our Club holds a Championship Show in the Sydney Metro area. This is a wonderful venue to speak to many Birman breeders and discover all about our breed.