Birman colours

Birman cats come in a variety of colours. When we talk of the colour, we are referring to the "points" of the Birman. That is the face, ears, legs and tail. All Birmans are born pure white and the colour slowly comes in as they mature. So a baby will only have a smudge of colour up the nose and this gradually fills in across the face with time. The "points" are on the cold extremities, which means the gene is thermo sensitive. It responds to the skin temperature of the cat. The lower the temperature, the more pigment is produced which is why we get more colour on the extremities. This is also why, if a cat with this colour pattern is clipped or shaved, the first hair growth is dark but comes through paler as the hair lengthens and the skin insulation increases. This is most obvious on the seal point colour, less obvious on the palest colours such as lilac.

The body of the mature Birman is generally a shade of palest cream to beige, depending on the point colour. The eyes are always a shade of blue, some deepest sapphire, some paler. The white feet markings, which is caused by a dominant gene, will vary from just toe tips to sometimes, small boots and is impossible to predict. This makes our task of breeding suitable Birmans for Exhibition, very slow. This is often the reason a Birman baby is available for a "pet" home.

These are just a few of our colours, as tabby points come in all shades and we even have Cream & Tortie Points.

(Just hover your mouse over the colour names to see a picture.)


seal point