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Annual Championship Show

On Sunday 5 June 2022, we held our annual show at Warragamba Town Halll and it was great day.  Thank you to the exhibitors who supported our show and the public who came to see some beautiful examples of their breed, as well as our amazing Birmans.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors in 2022 - Orivet, Wombaroo, Eye Envy, HomeoPet and Lickimat. 

Thank you to our club members who also donated prizes. 

Thank you to our Judges: Maureen Norberry (NSWCFA), Christine Tomlinson (NSWCFA), Fiona Mangan (NSWCFA) and Wendy Hamilton (Cats NSW).

We could not do this without the ongoing support of our sponsors, judges, workers, club members and exhibitors. We also appreciate the members of the local community who come to see the amazing cats we have on show.

Show results coming shortly

Show Results


The Birman Cat Club of Australia Inc.

End of Year Pointscore Rules - click here

End of Year Pointscore winners of 2021


Male Kitten – Shakandah Romance – Owner: D Mclaughlin & Breeder: A Davis

Female Kitten  -  Jazmena Blondie - Owner / Breeder: M Grayson        

Runner Up  - Sunsoar Jurlique – Owner: P Coyte & Breeder:  G & J Weekes

Desexed Kitten  -  Glamara Man in the Moon - Owner/Breeder: J Doust

Runner Up – Jazmena Juliette - Owner/Breeder: M Grayson


Male Cat  - Gd Ch Minosa Boot Scooten – Owner: C Cootes & Breeder: P Coyte

Runner Up – Shakandah Romance - Owner: D Mclaughlin & Breeder: A Davis

Female Cat –  Db Gd Ch Glamara Blue Moon - Owner/Breeder : J Doust

Runner Up – Ch Bindura Truffel Illusion – Owner: P Coyte & Breeder: C Cootes


Neuter Cat – Minosa Billy Da Kid – Owner: K Powers &Breeder - P  Coyte

Runner Up – Gd Ch Conde Eureka Gold - Owner/ Breeder: M Keith

Spay Cat – Gd Ch Fionella Bounce – Owner: P Coyte & Breeder – F Refalo



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