Birman kittens

If club members have kittens available for adoption they will be listed in our 'classified' section. No other kitten register list is kept. If none are listed, please check back again.

Birman kittens are generally available from Spring to early Autumn and the girls have a well earned rest during winter. This is normal for all Longhaired breeds.

Prices will vary slightly between breeders but you should expect to pay about $880 for a kitten which has been desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Please note: Only Birman Cat Club members are listed in the kitten classified section. They are obliged to abide by the Code of Ethics they agreed to on becoming a member. The Birman Cat Club of Australasia is not responsible for any purchase the public may make via this service. However, if you are not happy, we would like to know.

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